Tuesday, April 29, 2008

3G iPhone to be Released in June

Exciting news came out the other day that the next iPhone was likely to come out in the summer of 2008. This next generation iPhone is likely to have all of the gadgets and gizmos we were looking for on the first one:

- 3G
- Third party applications
- More customizable features
- Smaller Screen?
- Lighter

All this will be exciting to see and I am sure that Apple will announce to 3G iPhone release soon. Word is that the iPhone will look very similar to the one now except for a shiny black back to the iPhone and no more recessed headphone jack. Hopefully this also means they are looking into having Bluetooth headphones available and more Bluetooth functionality which the first iPhone lacked.

Where Are the Third Party iPhone Apps We Were Promised

It looks like every time we turn the corner a date has been pushed back and the things that we wanted we are going to have to wait for even longer than we originally thought. The third party applications officially offered through Apple’s online store will not be available until June of this year now. 3G iPhone is supposed to be coming out in June and if it does in fact come out in June, then Apple may want to release both at the same time and hopefully create some more buzz around the new 3G iPhone and the applications available for both iPhones.

Since the third party applications have been delayed and I just decided I wanted to use my iPhone for connecting my MacBook Pro to the internet on the go I think I will check out ZiPhone Jailbreaking and give Jailbreaking another try. I am not too concerned about my iPhone anymore since the new ones are going to be coming out and it will not be worth much once the new ones are out.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Build Your Apple Product Store

Now is the time to get your ecommerce site up and running. With all of the Apple products picking up in sales it would be a great time to get started with a store. The first thing you need to get is some web hosting. Next, you need to make a website which will look presentable and have all of the things on it that you want to sell. Then, you need the shopping cart software to make it all work. Ashop (click here for a free trial) is a great place to start with its complete ecommerce software. Not only will they set you up with the shopping cart software, they will offer the whole site for you. This makes everything a lot easier and quicker. There are plenty of opportunities out there for you to try, but this is completely within your control. Be your own boss and make a store selling the products you love. So get out there today and make your site to start making money selling the best products out there.

Parallels and the Annoying Microsoft

I tried Parallels out the other day, or I tried to try it out. I installed Parallels (a software that allows you to run Windows on a Mac if you did not know) and it seemed like the newest version was going to be great. Then I found my old copy of Windows which I had used earlier with the Boot Camp software on my MacBook Pro and started to install it. After about a half hour it asked me for the product key.

I was mad then cause I realized I could not find the product key and I had already spent a couple hours on the phone last time to get it to work and get a new product key. So for now I am going to just love my Mac and forget about any small programs that only run on Windows because most of the time it something unimportant.

Why does Microsoft still guard Windows XP so stringently though. I mean Vista is out and that is what everybody wants if they want Windows right? And they still charge $100 for a home edition of XP; ridiculous. Anyway, I will be ok, but I still hate Microsoft. I am so glad I switched to Apple products.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Impressions of Apple’s Time Capsule

Although I do not have the Time Capsule, it has been something that has been on my wish list since I heard about it. Everything looks and sounds good about it, but it is getting mixed reviews. I think there are a few reasons for this mixed reception in the Mac crowd.

Wireless Sucks

Let’s face it, there has almost never been a solid wireless router made and it always ends up not working at some point. I have had many wireless routers and although the technology sounds great on paper, it has always been a hassle in reality. This is until I got the Airport Express draft n wireless router from Apple. This was the first time that I have not had a problem with wireless connectivity in over a year. The only problems I have had with it are when the power had gone out I had to reset it, but there was no problem with the router and once it rebooted it worked like a charm. Possibly this is because I have very little interference with other wireless routers on the 5GHz network in my neighborhood, or maybe Apple just got it right this time. What ever the reason may be, I have a router that I love for the first time. This is the main reason for my faith in the Time Capsule. I need external storage and it would be great if it was integrated into my network so the Time Capsule is an obvious choice especially for the price.

Not Everyone Has a Mac

Obvious statement I know, but it is true and it has a point. When people buy Apple products for the first time they are often confused because it is too simple. Huh? Well, I know that I was shocked when I got my Mac and started using it for the first time. Everything was so intuitive and easy to use yet still very effective. This was the complete opposite of anything I had ever had with a PC. Apple brought this to the Airport Extreme base station as well with its ease of use and fast set up, but maybe it is not as easy when you have a PC. It took me five minutes to set up with my MacBook Pro, but it took me hours to setup networks in my PC days. They never worked with each other and everything was always different with each piece of hardware. How well did Apple make the Time Capsule work with PCs?

In conclusion it is something that one day I hope to have, but for now the Time Capsule will have to be something that I simply dream about and question. The reviews are mixed as with any product, but I am not surprised being that it is a wireless product. I can only hope that some day everything will be wireless and will just work.

iPhone Made Easy Blog is a Fake?

I have had this blog since well before the iPhone came out and it was intended to keep myself and others informed about what was going on with the iPhone. Since the release of the iPhone the news about the iPhone has slowed to a crawl and that is why I decided to add more topics to the mix to keep it fresher and have more opportunity for posts. Although I have not updated as much as I would like, I found it odd yesterday when I was notified that a site called my blog a “suspected fake.” What is that supposed to mean anyway; does it seem like I am not really writing or that I have fake content. I would like to go on the record and just say that I have never copied anything and always try to send my readers to the source where I found the information I put on my site. I apologize if anyone feels that my site is fake.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Implications of a Driveless Laptop

So driveless is not a word you say? Well Apple has decided with its MacBook Air that driveless is the way to go. What does this mean for all of those people out there that want to take a DVD on the plan ride and watch it on their computer? Or what if you have a game that you really want to load on the computer? Do I really have to have an external drive to get those things working on the MacBook Air?

It would seem the answer is Apple is pushing for a driveless line of notebook computers. At first I thought that this was an incredibly bad idea because watching movies is something that I love to do and do frequently on my MacBook Pro. But the more I thought about it the more this reminds me of how Apple got rid of the floppy drive before everyone else. Everyone thought that was a terrible idea because you may need it some time, but in retrospect it was never really missed. How does the lack of a disc drive relate you ask? Well this is Apple's push for you to use high speed internet to download what you need rather than rely on a disc drive and tangible media to use on the laptop. Can you say "forcing you to download movies from say iTunes?" This is a great way to get people to use Apple's already exsiting services to gain more profits for them and make people less cluttered.

I already have an external DVD burner so I can rip my movies onto my laptop as I frequently doanyway and then I would not have to worry about the battery draining drive spinning. In the case of the MacBook Air though, the decision has already been made for you and you get a great portable notebook computer that is thinner than it looks on TV.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Aliph Jawbone Noise Cancelling Headset Review

After purchasing the Aliph Jawbone wireless Bluetooth noise cancelling headset for my Apple iPhone I have been nothing short of amazed with it’s nearly flawless functionality. I have had it for a few months now and feel confident it will continue to serve me well for years to come. Let me start off by stating I have had three or four Bluetooth headsets in the past; all of which left a lot to be desired and I always had a hard time hearing people when I was driving. This was the main reason for my search for the perfect Bluetooth noise cancelling headset. Every time I called someone in the car they had a hard time hearing me and I had a hard time hearing them. What is the point of a Bluetooth headset if you can not use it when you need to be able to use it the most? Enter the solution to my problem; the Aliph Jawbone noise cancelling headset.

At first I was skeptical because they stated it was noise canceling and it only detected your voice when you were talking. It seemed pretty far fetched to think the Jawbone could actually know when I was talking and not the person next to me at Starbucks. The way the Jawbone achieves this however is quite amazing. There is a small sensor that comes in contact with your face right around your jaw line (hence the Jawbone name) which senses vibrations from your jaw moving which would indicate you are talking. In addition to this, the acoustics and directional microphones adjust to find your voice in conjunction with the vibrations. This works flawlessly from my experience. I have had plenty of conversations in the car and every time I can hear the other person and others say they can hear me very clearly. This is something that has never happened with any other headset I have purchased.

Here is the breakdown of some pros and cons:


- Excellent noise cancelling headset (it really does work)
- Headset easily stays securely positioned on ear
- Multiple earpieces and left and right ear adapters
- Stylish design
- Easy paring and good consistent connections


- Cost is around $100 making this noise cancelling headset a little on the expensive side
- The size is large as compared to most headsets and this makes proper initial fitting key to comfortable use of the headset (some people have complained there were not enough options for adapters to find the correct fit for their ear and this caused the large headset to be uncomfortable)
- There is not any caller ID LCD or any way to use voice dialing – it is a barebones headset that only focuses on truly high quality sound and not bells and whistles


In conclusion it seems that the Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth wireless noise cancelling headset is not perfect, but very close. It depends on what you are looking for in a headset which will likely sway your decision on the Jawbone. If you are looking for a headset that will definitely reproduce great voice quality for both sides of the conversation then the Jawbone is a safe bet as long as it fits your ear well. With the multiple adjustment pieces I had no trouble finding a combination that fit my ear comfortably even with the large size and weight of the Jawbone. If you are looking for a headset with an LCD, caller ID, and other bells and whistles then the Jawbone is probably not going to live up to your expectations. This review has been based on pairing the Aliph Jawbone only with an Apple iPhone. There may be other phones that do not receive the pairing as well as the iPhone did, but I have had no troubles with the iPhone and Jawbone connection. One last note, if you are looking for a headset on a budget it is hard to find this one under $75 so be prepared to drop a decent amount of cash for this one. After using the Aliph Jawbone for a few months I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone as I have been quite pleased with its performance.

Score: 9.5/10