Friday, April 25, 2008

Parallels and the Annoying Microsoft

I tried Parallels out the other day, or I tried to try it out. I installed Parallels (a software that allows you to run Windows on a Mac if you did not know) and it seemed like the newest version was going to be great. Then I found my old copy of Windows which I had used earlier with the Boot Camp software on my MacBook Pro and started to install it. After about a half hour it asked me for the product key.

I was mad then cause I realized I could not find the product key and I had already spent a couple hours on the phone last time to get it to work and get a new product key. So for now I am going to just love my Mac and forget about any small programs that only run on Windows because most of the time it something unimportant.

Why does Microsoft still guard Windows XP so stringently though. I mean Vista is out and that is what everybody wants if they want Windows right? And they still charge $100 for a home edition of XP; ridiculous. Anyway, I will be ok, but I still hate Microsoft. I am so glad I switched to Apple products.