Monday, February 16, 2009

Flash for iPhone Coming?

There have recently been talks about Adobe bringing flash to the iPhone, but it has been almost two years since the original iPhone came out so does it really matter anymore.  Apple has been working on doing more than just fit the mold of every other company out there and has actually tried to make things the way they want them.  Flash is a great example of this.  Apple decided not to encourage Adobe to create flash for the iPhone in hopes that Apple can help push the internet to work better with the iPhone and possibly create a new platform that could make Flash obsolete.  This is an incredibly bold move that hopefully in the long run will make it possible for iPhones to have rich internet experiences, but for now it seems like it is hindering the internet experience.  Now that the iPhone is so popular it gives Apple more leverage to push for internet reform, but will it be enough to actually make any sort of dint in the out of date internet?  We will have to wait and see.

Update: Adobe has officially stated that Apple has not allowed them to make flash for iPhone.  This is sad for all of us wanting a full internet experience now.  I admit that flash is out of date and far to processor intensive, but it is still the king for delivering rich internet experiences.  Maybe some day Apple will allow Adobe to bring flash to the iPhone, but until then we can only hope that more people make mobile versions of their site that do not require flash for them to be used.