Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The iPad in All of Us

Apple's new iPad has no doubt crossed your mind if you are even close to an Apple or Mac fan.  I know it has been an item that has been impossible for me to ignore lately.  Even with all of the fanfare and how truly spectacular the iPad itself looks, I still have no desire to own one.  I just cannot find a good place for it to fit into my lifestyle.  Although it looks cool and is a prime example of an Apple product, it just doesn't seem like a very good alternative to a MacBook.  Of course the starting price is quite lower than a MacBook, but a MacBook has Mac OSX, flash, easily replaceable or upgradable components, a physical keyboard, a countless number of existent applications, and I am sure there are a few other things that I am missing.  Also, the premium that you pay to get 3G on the iPad seems downright outrageous at $130, unless I am missing something.  You would be hard pressed to convince me to get the 3G version of the iPad especially since it is on AT&T's network and costs so much more both monthly and initially.

So where do you stand on the fence of iPad or not iPad.  If I were to get the iPad I would definitely have to use it for a car computer or something.  It is just too expensive for me to justify using as a reader and too limited to use as much more than my iPhone.  No flash!  Look, I do not care if Steve Jobs hates flash and the HTML5 or whatever is supposed to be better (debate-able), every site out there already uses it even after three years of Apple pushing back against flash.  Can we not just grow up and allow the consumer some convenience for once?