Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Where Are the Third Party iPhone Apps We Were Promised

It looks like every time we turn the corner a date has been pushed back and the things that we wanted we are going to have to wait for even longer than we originally thought. The third party applications officially offered through Apple’s online store will not be available until June of this year now. 3G iPhone is supposed to be coming out in June and if it does in fact come out in June, then Apple may want to release both at the same time and hopefully create some more buzz around the new 3G iPhone and the applications available for both iPhones.

Since the third party applications have been delayed and I just decided I wanted to use my iPhone for connecting my MacBook Pro to the internet on the go I think I will check out ZiPhone Jailbreaking and give Jailbreaking another try. I am not too concerned about my iPhone anymore since the new ones are going to be coming out and it will not be worth much once the new ones are out.