Monday, October 1, 2007

Third Party Apps Back on iPhone

It looks like there is still a way to get around the new Apple iPhone Software Update and get the AppTap installer back on the iPhone. You can read all of the details at iPhone Atlas. Basically, it is a way to trick your iPhone into using the outdated software update that is likely still on your computer. This is a very interesting attempt at appeasing those that have already switched their iPhones to the new software, but want the third party applications right now.

For me this has been too much hassle to do. It is very cool and I would love to have third party apps back on my iPhone, but it is a very time consuming passion to keep them on there and keep the iPhone up to date. Every time Apple comes out with a new software update, people are scrambling to fix their jailbreaking software and get the third party apps working again. This is going to be a constant battle between Apple and iPhone hackers. Maybe I will have time for this kind of stuff again soon, but not today.