Thursday, September 27, 2007

Apple iPhone Update 1.1.1 Is Here!

As you all know already, your iPhone update is now available. This is the big one that we knew was coming and has a lot of updates. I don't want to take the time to list all of the new features out here since it is all accessible and in much better form at the Apple iPhone site. I will however, take some time to talk about a few items that are of interest to me about the update.

Most notably, the sound is supposed to be improved. I have not gotten a chance to test this out yet, but this is an issue that has been plaguing the iPhone since the beginning (ok, maybe that was a little too dramatic). Anyway, it is nice to see that Apple was well aware of the issue and has made an effort to make this better. Thank you Apple!

The next big item is the ability to have more keyboard functions and mail in widescreen. I wanted the mail client to show in widescreen mode from the beginning. I am not sure why they did not put this in to start with, but at least we have it now.

The new software has yet to be hacked. This means that you need to make sure that you either do not update the software or just do a full restore first. It looks like it may be a while for the new hacks to come out since the hackers are saying that the iPhone firmware is much harder code to read and break. This is Apple's attempt to thwart third party hacking. So far it is working and it could be a while from the sounds of it. I guess the question is how long can you wait for the updated hacks so that you can update the iPhone?

All in all, I have not gotten a chance to put much of the updates to good use, but this is great. I love all of the features that Apple has decided to update the iPhone with and this only means good things to come. Apple is not going to leave us hanging with this product and they are proving to do this right. I have never been as pleased with a cell phone and the support of it before this one. My T-Mobile MDA looked absolutely dumb compared to the iPhone and Apple's constant support and improvement of it. This is why I love Apple.