Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Connect a Bluetooth Keyboard to iPhone?

I got a great question today about whether they could connect their bluetooth keyboard to the iPhone. I hate to say it, but the answer is no right now. There could in fact be a hack out there somewhere that allows this to work, but it is hard to find if it is.

Why can't the iPhone connect to a bluetooth keyboard? "I thought that the iPhone was bluetooth enabled," you say. Well it is bluetooth enabled. This only means that it has the hardware to handle bluetooth connections however. For bluetooth connections you also have to have a bluetooth profile that matches this. There are many bluetooth profiles out there that allow you to do just about everything wirelessly through bluetooth, but Apple has elected to use only two. These two allow you to connect the iPhone to a bluetooth headset to talk.

Another post talked about the bluetooth headsets being able to be used with the iPhone, but you had to trick it. I am not sure if that works so great and why would you have to trick it every time to get it to work anyway. The point is Apple does not want us to have the ability or freedom to connect things like this right now. Just like the 3G capabilities, we have to add it to the wish list. However, the difference is that Apple could easily add the bluetooth profile necessary to connect a bluetooth keyboard with a simple software update.

Be on the lookout for a hack or Apple bluetooth stack profile update Bendrix; that is your only hope for now.