Saturday, October 6, 2007

The iPhone is Amazing

I have been thinking about my iPhone lately and how much I actually use it. I have never used a device as much as I use my iPhone. Not only that, but I almost never get frustrated with it. This is huge when you compare it to my old T-Mobile MDA.

Lets just take a moment and reflect on what we have our hands on here. There have been many posts before this one talking about the features, additions, hacks, and news. When you boil it all down though, there is one thing that I take away from it all right now. I love the iPhone. Everything about it works flawlessly and seems completely intentional. This shows that Apple has created an amazing device. Sure there are things that could be added and that I would like to have, but when I use my iPhone, it hits me. This is the best phone, iPod, or PDA that I have ever owned. All of those devices that I have purchased in the past simply pale in comparison to the iPhone. So don't forget what you are dealing with here and don't let people talk to you about how the iPhone doesn't do this and the iPhone doesn't do that.

Congratulations Apple, you have done it again!