Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jailbroken Apple iPhone

The reason that I did not jailbreak my iPhone in the past is becoming very apparent. I did it this time in the hopes of being able to review some third party apps. I don't have much to report as far as apps go unfortunately. I jailbroke my iPhone and that was about as easy as I could have imagined, but then I was left with some extra wallpapers and themes that left much to be desired. None of the applications that I have tried to use work. It is possible that I do not know how to do it right, but it seems like a little instruction would be nice. I will get to tv bottom of this as soon as possible. I would really like to be able to review at least a fee applications. There was only one application that worked besides the themes. Navizon worked exactly as I could have imagined it working.

Navizon is supposed to be the closest thing that we have to GPS on the iPhone, but I really hope that they come out with something better soon. I tried it and the first couple of times it was able to locate me pretty accurately. The this time that I tried it it was off by about 10 miles. Can't figure out why it was off by so much , but it was pretty worthless at that point. Also, even if it worked accurately, it is nothing like GPS. True GPS would offer a way to navigate and give directions at a bare minimum. It was kind of a cool app to look at at first, by once the novelty wears off it had nothng to offer.

Hope to have more reviews soon.