Saturday, November 3, 2007

iPhone Jailbreak Working Great Now

I have been working with the installer and getting all of the applications that I think look interesting downloaded and on my iPhone. Here is a list of some of my favorites so far:

1. VNotes (to take voice notes on your iPhone)
2. Customize (an original name for an original product. Ok, not really, but it does allow you to customize a lot of things like buttons backgrounds and sounds if you are tired of the default.)
3. Money (I am actually going to keep track of my finances this month because of this program)
4. Labyrinth (a fun game that makes good use of the iPhone's Accelerometer)
5. Lights Out (the most popular and solid game on the iPhone right now)
6. ToDo List (simple, but it is kind of cool)

It took me a while to get all of these apps working because they would not work without the OpenSSH program that they don't tell you about. You have to jailbreak your iPhone with, then download the summerboard, community resources, OpenSSH, and BSD Subsystem. After you download all of that then you can download other apps and they will work.

Happy Jailbreaking!