Sunday, August 5, 2007

Flash For iPhone Internet

There is currently no flash for the internet on the iPhone. This has been a big hassle for me. Ok, it really hasn't hendered me that much, but it has made me think about how much better the iPhone would be with flash. I think the most important thing that the flash feature will bring for me is the ability to use Pandora. I love to listen to music on Pandora and have it find new music that I like, but it requires flash. I am sure there are a lot of sites that require flash that willl not work with the iPhone, but this is the one that really gets to me. I have heard that there will be an update with flash on it soon for the iPhone though.

Can you imagine that you would be able to listen to your own created stations all of the time with Pandora on the iPhone. I will have to get a dock to connect my iPhone to my car so that I can listen to it all of the time. This is going to be great. Be on the look out for the new update, hopefully it is coming soon.