Saturday, August 11, 2007

New iPhone Update Release

There is a new software update available for the iPhone that may help with some audio problems that people have been experiencing. I have not had much trouble with the audio on the iPhone, but it has seemed a little quite when I am in the car. The new update is supposed to have fixed this for many people along with making the iPhone compatible with more devices.

The iPhone has some troubles with iPod devices sometimes. For instance, my wife is not able to use her FM Transmitter/charger for her iPhone because it was not designed for the iPhone. This new update may have fixed it, but am I not sure yet. We will have to see.

As for the flash update that I so desperately want, it was not included in the update. Hopefully another update will come soon with flash. I really don't care if it is slow performance, since I would at least have it. If they made a way to turn off flash, then I do not see any reason not to include it. This way you could use flash to view websites that required it and then turn it off if it becomes troublesome. I would love it for Pandora. Pandora requires flash, but the iPhone does not support it. Other than that, flash is really not that important to me.

Until next time...