Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Applications For the iPhone

I have found a slew of great apps for the iPhone. Go to the website to see them all for yourself. I have gone through a few of them and love what I see. Some of the apps are games of course and others are weather and stocks and that kind of stuff. For the most part these are apps that make some things that you would normally get on actual webpages easier to look at and interact with. There is a Fandango app that makes the fandango site very iPhonish and makes it a lot easier to read everything and search. That is one of my favorites. Also, I tried out some of the shopping list apps and they work very well. I like the idea od use the iPhone for everything, so everytime I find out another thing that the iPhone can do I get excited. This is great news for all of you that had already spent hours and hours on all of the standard iPhone embedded apps. Enjoy all of these apps!