Monday, July 23, 2007

Bluetooth Headset

Apple has shipped their cool bluetooth headset for the iPhone, but is it worth the hefty price. I guess my answer would have to be no after I spent all of my money on the phone itself, but the headset still looks pretty cool. The major problem that I see with it though is the fact that you have to wear it like you would a normal earbud. I had to get some special stuff to make the earbuds fit in my ear and I don't know if I would want ot do the same for an earpeice that costs over a hundred dollars. I guess time will only tell whether I will fork it over (not anytme soon is for sure).

People seem to like the fact that the charger connects both devices to one dock and displays both charging status. I think this is a very cool idea and makes the fact that they are made for each other much more apparent. Leave it to Apple to desing one of the coolest looking products out there and charge an arm and a leg for it, but hey, the product has always been worth the price in my experience.

Have fun with your new toy!