Monday, August 20, 2007

Finally Customize Your Apple iPhone The Way You Want

There is now a great way to customize your iPhone and put the things that you want on it. We have been talking about apps for the iPhone, but they have been web applications rather than applications that run on the iPhone when it is not connected to the Internet. There is a great easy to use application that you can use to do this called iFuntastic. I have used this application a lot already and love it.

The first thing that I did with it was to put some songs in the ring tones section so that I could use the song that I wanted for my ring. Say goodbye to the standard iPhone ring tones (they were good, but I really wanted the freedom to use my own). You have all the drag and drop freedoms you want with this.

The next thing was to change the arrangement of the icons on the iPhone home screen. You can actually arrange them however you would like and hide the ones that you do not want to have on the screen. This is great to clear the screen up or just put often-used apps where it is easy for your finger to hit. I just did some rearranging rather than actually hiding any of the apps.

Then I got rid of AT&T on my network bar. Instead of AT&T it now says iPhone. I know it is not a big deal, but it is just one of those "hah, what do you think about that" kind of things. I still know I am using AT&T, but I can more easily ignore that fact.

All in all this is one of the best things that has happened to the iPhone. The application is very user friendly (however it only works on an Intel Mac) and it just unlocks the iPhone so you can customize it, then locks it back up so that you can sync with iTunes just like normal. This application should keep you going for a while. There are applications that you can put on the iPhone now using iFuntastic, which means there are only more to come.

My next goal is to get GPS working on the iPhone. This is going to be tough, so if there are any ideas, let me know. There is actually one great idea, but I have to try it and I will get it on the blog.

Until next time, have a blast with your iPhone and iFuntastic!