Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Big Update In Store For Apple iPhone

There was another update released recently that has seemingly little or no advances. It will however stop lots of hacks from working, which may interfere with iFuntastic which I talked about in the last post. So, if you want to continue to use iFuntastic or other hacking softwares, then you may want to hold off on updating your iPhone until they get the new version of the hack released. I am sure they will be working quickly on it.

The rumor is (and yes I have to classify this as a rumor) that Apple has a very big update in the works for the iPhone. There lots of things that are missing on the iPhone in terms of software and Apple realizes this. I am not sure if I believe all of the things that I have heard about this, but I am sure that Apple is working on a lot of them. Some of the updates are going to include:

- A file browser to allow transfer of files without iTunes and to use just like a flash drive
- Real Apple applications such as an iPhone version of iWork and iChat
- A mobile version of Spotlight to search for files
- Widescreen keyboard in all applications
- A copy and paste function (honestly Apple, this should have been here already)
- Ability to add email accounts without iTunes
- The ability to share files with others around you just like file sharing on Macs
- Syncing with .Mac accounts (this has already happened which makes me think that the rest may be true)
- Ringtones (this makes me wonder)
- Camera Stabilization feature
- AND Flash Support (What a novel concept)

Again, this is not verified by a good source. I just found this surfing out on the web out there, but most of it makes sense. However, a lot of these things have been in discussion for a while and I wonder why it has not been as definite before. Also, what do they mean by ringtones, does that mean that we are going to get more options for ringtones, the ability to buy more ringtones, or (the one I actually want to have) use our songs for ringtones. The last would make the most sense to me. I think that all of the listed features should be coming to the iPhone, but I just wonder if they are since they were not already included. Maybe Apple just wanted to get the iPhone out there and in people's hands so that they could work on making it better according to what people want. This is a great idea in my opinion. I trust Apple, and even if these things are not coming, I am sure that more great things are coming in the future. It's Apple!