Thursday, June 28, 2007

Less Than 24 Hours to iPhone Launch

It is less than a day to the launch. People are in a frenzy and already starting to line up at some stores. I have a store picked out for me and I think I will be able to get an iPhone if I show up tomorrow afternoon. Only time will tell though. There are two things that you need to know about the launch.

The AT+T Stores are only going to let each person have one Apple iPhone. This was said to me as "one body, one iPhone" from a jerk at the AT+T Store. Maybe he is just stressed out, but there is no reason to be rude about something that makes your store a lot more profitable.

The Apple Store is said to be getting a lot more phones and they are supposed to give each person two if they want them. This was said in an interview with Steve Jobs. I assume this is because the Apple Stores are much fewer and farther between and will have more phones, so they seem to think it will not be too bad to allow each person two. I am not sure that many people are going to buy two though. There are talks about selling it on eBay, but if the supplies are enough for the first day to not run out, then I think that Apple is going to be able ot catch up rather quickly and this means low prices on eBay.

We will have to wait and see, but only for another 24 hours.