Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Apple iPhone Activation and Plans

The plans for the iPhone are surprisingly awesome. Relief washes over me as I reflect on the information that I have just received. All plans will include unlimited data and 200 SMS messages. This is great news since it is not that expensive (well, at least as compared to normal AT+T plans). This is great news for those that were worried about the service cost being through the roof. I will be going with the Family plan with my wife and will get the 1400 minute plan which we already have, without the data, and then add the 1500 SMS messages for $10 a month. That will be $120 a month plus a bunch of taxes and fees. This is actually much less than I was expecting. The next thing to talk about is the activation.

Activation is going to be the best experience that I have ever had with a cell phone from the looks of the video. Instead of standing at an AT+T store and talking to a sales person about the what services I want, I will be able to do it all through iTunes in the comfort of my home. This is the best news that I have had all week. Apple is genius. This will make things so much easier for everyone. No one will have to wait in the store for hours trying to get activated and this also shows the greater possibility that there will be plenty of Apple iPhones on the launch day. We all know that they are going to sell out within 24 hours, but this makes it look like they won't sell out in the first hour. AT+T plans to stay open late and this must mean that they plan on having a lot of people in line and selling a lot of iPhones. Good news for everyone. The next great news is the way that things will sync with the iPhone.

The sync function will be done through iTunes which we already knew, but it looks like it is going to be great. Leave it to Apple to make complex tasks as simple and convenient as possible. Instead of the poor connection problems that I had with the T-Mobile MDA, it looks like syncing the iPhone is going to be a breeze. This is what I have been waiting for in a phone for a long time. Ever since I had to purchase my first cell phone, I thought that there had to be an easier way to get all of this done. The only question is what about the SIM card. There isn't one. You are not going to have a SIM card anymore. This could get interesting since I have a phone with a SIM card now. What will happen to the phone I have now if I try to use it with that SIM card. We will get to the bottom of this, I promise. Go check out the videos, they are great.