Sunday, June 17, 2007

Do Cingular Employees Know What is Going On?

I went to a Cingular store yesterday and asked a few questions. I wanted to know if my wife could purchase both of the iPhones for us since we were on the same account and willing to pay for both of them. Also, I asked how they were planning on handling the line that is anticipated for the iPhone launch. You would think since you can google iPhone and get millions of hits that Cingular would be getting their employees prepared for the launch. Guess again, the person that I asked did not know much about the iPhone at all. She said that they would not have any plan for the launch until the day before or the day of the launch. I think that this could pose a problem for all of us eager to get our hands on this device. First thing I am told is that the list I was on is no longer valid and my forsight to get on the waiting list for a phone did not matter. This in itself is kind of rude coming from a store that I am planning to spend over $1200 at, plus the ongoing data plan costs for two people.

So, here is the deal, I am going to devote this site to figuring out how to get the iPhone on day one or at least soon after that as possible. I am going to go to some apple and Cingular stores to figure out what their plans are for the launch and how they are going to handle the lines. I want an iPhone as much as anyone out there, and if I am willing to pay so much for one then I believe that I deserve one, and so do you. Check back in regularly to see the updates. I will be giving news and tips on how to get the iPhone on June 29th.