Saturday, June 16, 2007

ATT To Close Store 4:30pm June 29th

It has been reported that ATT will actually be closing its stores for about an hour and a half while they get set up for the iPhone release. This seems like an odd move, also there is mention that the iPhones will not be delivered until 4:30pm. I really wonder if this is true. How could Apple be sure that they will be able to deliver that many phones to that many stores at such a specific time. This claim seems bogus to me. I believe that they are going to close the store temporarily, but not that they are receiving their shipments during this time. Who knows though, I have been wrong before.

People are already talking about lining up to get this phone, and this weird launch time may affect everyones ability to actually get an iPhone. Some statistics have come out that say that about 19 million people want an iPhone and would pay that current price for it. I am just hoping this is a larger number than reality and that they don't plan on purchasing it on the first day. There is no way that Apple can provide 19 million phones on the first day or even the first couple of months for that matter. I have heard that up to 3 million may be available on day one, but as low as 10,000. This is a huge gap in number of phones. I am going to make a guess that 3 million is a closer number due to the frenzy that this phone is causing. A lot of people want to get their hands on this phone.