Thursday, June 14, 2007

Developers Can Make Programs for iPhone

Apple announces that developers will be able to develop for the new phone. This development will be limited to web apps, but this could be a great move for Apple. This gives Apple the ability to get some third party applications out for the phone while at the same time being able to keep the phone from crashing. The focus is on keeping the phone functioning great.

Developers are not too happy about this though, since they do not get a development kit for the device and will not be able to have apps directly on the device. The apps have to be used through Safari, Apple's awesome web browser. Even critics are slamming Apple for this decision.

The fact remains that Apple knows what they are doing and will make an excellent phone. They are not just hardware manufacturers, they are software developers themselves. This means that you are getting some of the best software out there with the device as it is. I personally will not need third party apps for a while and may never because Apple has the best software out there. Do you really want your phone to freeze or crash every time you are trying to run too many applications at a time. I had a T-Mobile MDA, and it did just that. It would start running slow and then it would just freeze and I would have to turn it off and start it over. It had almost no third party applications on it, but when I put some on it they were buggy and made it crash even more. This is exactly what Apple is trying to avoid.

In conclusion, just show some trust in the company that won't let you down, Apple.