Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Experts Say Apple Stock Will Soar

Stock market experts say that Apple's stock will soar after the iPhone's release on June 29th. With the stock already reaching all time highs from the hype surrounding the iPhone, some people believe that it is set to fall. Still, with the iPhone being a completly new venture for Apple, their sales are expected to reach an all time high. When Apple releases the iPhone to the public, it has been mentioned that it will have 3 million units available on the first day (lets hope so). Apple has yet to confirm or deny this figure. If the iPhone sells how it is expected to sell, then Apple will forge its way into a new business venture.

Apple joining the Cellular industry means great things for everyone. Not only will this give Apple a huge new source of income, but people who don't even want the iPhone will benefit. All of the other manufacturers of cell phones are trying to compete with Apple's new phone and this will mean more ingenuity and creativity. Better products for everyone. Also, Apple expects to come out with cheaper models of the iPhone by 2009.

Looks like you should buy Apple stock if you have money left over after buying the iPhone.