Monday, May 5, 2008

More Hype Builds For New 3G iPhone

As the inevitable release of the 3G iPhone approaches more and more speculation and rumors comes out talking about what the 3G iPhone will include in the update. I am hoping for modest improvements, but of course there are sites even claiming things like video and 5 megapixel cameras, free internet in more places, $200 AT&T subsidy on the purchase with a contract (this one makes a lot of sense actually), and even WiMax. WiMax would be the most interesting of all of these features for sure. Although I see no real need for that technology on this next iPhone model, in the future that could be an awesome thing to have. Possibly they are trying to push the technology out there early on so that WiMax becomes more common. Newer versions of WiMax are capable of faster speeds than WiFi and ranges of up to 30 miles. I am not sure about the 30 miles (I would have to see it to believe it), but the potential for metropolitan areas being in a bubble of wireless internet is something that I have always wanted. Internet should be free and that is the way to do it.

As for the actual looks of the 3G iPhone there are tons of speculations along with likely fake pictures. Below are the dimensions that are posted everywhere on the internet.