Monday, May 5, 2008

Could Apple Pull The Plug on the MacBook Air

I have heard grumblings that Apple may in fact pull the plug on the MacBook Air because of its lackluster performance and reviews.  This could make sense for a number of reasons.  All of the reasons point back to one observation of mine; the MacBook Air is ahead of its time.

The MacBook Air is Ahead of its time for a few reasons:

- The lack of a disc drive is difficult for people to take at this point in time
- The battery life is not long enough considering the things you sacrifice
- There are cheaper alternatives out there that seem enticing enough to avoid the high price tag of the MacBook Air.

There are plenty of reasons I do not have a MacBook Air, but the most obvious one is the price tag.  I could not afford one even if I wanted it.  The second problem I had was the lack of a disc drive, but I think I could get over that quickly.  Battery life would have been a clincher though.  I can not imagine a laptop of that size and with a lack of a disc drive having a poor battery life.  That would be the first thing that I wanted it to have.  We will have to see if Apple is going to redo the MacBook Air or just can it completely.  One thing is for sure though, battery technology has not caught up to where the manufacturers of these laptops want to take their devices.