Thursday, December 6, 2007

3G Apple iPhone Release Delayed In US

Are you itching to have the next generation of the iPhone and want to know when it will come out?  Looks like AT&T is making a good decision and delaying it or making it look like they are delaying it so that sales for Christmas do not fall. 

This would make perfect sense if you are on the edge and thinking about getting one.  You may have heard that the new one that is 3G will be coming out soon and should wait, but AT&T does not want you to wait.  Should you wait for it to come out next year or get one now?  It is certainly a tough question to ask since it is so expensive, but that is what AT&T and Apple would like for you to do with this news.  Since it is "delayed", you should go ahead and get one now.  Then in January we will probably get an idea of when it will come out.  The truth is I am out of the game.  I love my iPhone just the way that it is and can't afford another anyway.  I think it should tide me over as long as it lasts.  

Good luck to those out there trying to decide whether to get one now or wait for the next one.  That is the price of loving technology; I know because I paid the full 600 when it first hit the shelves.