Thursday, October 18, 2007

Google's New Cell Phone vs. The iPhone

It has been announced recently that Google is coming out with a cell phone that will go up against the iPhone. I hate to say it for all of yoi google lovers out there, but this is simply a rumor. It is possible that google is in the drawing room on this new phone, but very unlikely. Lets discuss why I feel that this is simply a rumor.

First, the rumor involves google producing an operating system for a samsung phone called a "Gphone" which seems pluasible enough at first glance. Then you let it sink in a little bit and you realize that if Google were to come out with an operating system for a phone, why would it only be on one phone? This would not be like google at all. Google would definitely want to do more than just one phone, they want to take over the whole world. So that leaves us with an operating system. This, I feel is a much more reasonable conclusion.

Google could make an operating system that would go up against PalmOS and Windows Mobile. The more I think about it , the more likely it seems that google would do this. However, google does not have a track record of developing full blown OS. They have mostly just web apps. However, thus would be the next logical step in mobile applications.

So, only time will tell what google will do. What do you think?