Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Third Party Ringtone App for Apple iPhone

Some people may be a little anxious about hacking their $600 iPhone, but still want to be able to change things on their iPhone. This is why Third Party Applications for the Apple iPhone will start to pop up like this one, iToner.

It is a simple concept to be able to add your own ringtones on to your phone and especially such an expensive one, but Apple does not want people to modify their iPhones, at least not yet. That is why people have been forced to hack the iPhone and make it more customized for individual needs. This can cause issues with functionality and warranties. So iToner comes along and allows you to add your own ringtones to the iPhone without hacking it or jailbreaking it. This is a great idea since some people are very unlikely to get up the nerve to hack their iPhone, but I wish that the software did not come at a price. $15, but I guess it is worth it for someone that wants to have the ability to add their own ringtones to the iPhone safely.