Monday, June 4, 2007

iPhone Scares other cell phone manufacturers

Although cell phone manufacturers are saying that they are not too worried about the iPhone, all of the phones coming out speak for themselves. Samsung, RIMM, Motorola, LG, Nokia, and others are sweating bullets trying to make "iPhone killers." They are wasting their time. Apple always takes the time necessary to make a quality product. This is the key factor to their success. Sure Apple has made mistakes just like any company out there, but they work much harder than most companies to bring quality to the table and it shows.

All the other manufacturers out there are trying to ship out phones that just have good specs. They are missing the mark by a long shot. If they think that they can just whip up some awesome phone real quick they are fooling themselves. I have never had a phone that actually seemed like time was spent trying to make it function properly. It has always been about the camera, storage, internet, thinness, and other secondary concerns. They have failed in the most important goal of all, how efficient and effective the device is as a phone. All companies talk about is how many new features they have and how thin they are. That isn't the point.

Lets get honest, we don't know how great the iPhone is going to be. It could fail to deliver what it has promised, but I believe that it will deliver exactly what it promises. It will be feature rich, thin, and have a camera, storage, and internet functionality, but most importantly it will be easy to use and save you time and energy with simplifying your life. No other manufacturer out there is promising anything like this when it comes to a cell phone and that is why the iPhone is making such a big impact. I can't wait to simplify my life.