Thursday, June 7, 2007

AT&T/Cingular Gets Rid of iPhone Wait List

AT&T/Cingular issued the big upset today. I heard word of this being the case, but did not really believe it until I got the call. Today Cingular called and told me that even though my name was on a list that I would have to wait in line just like anyone else out there for the chance to maybe get an iPhone. Why did they have a list and then take it away. It made me look like the picture in this post. I am frustrated. I can only hope that the iPhone will not draw a crowd like the PS3 did. When I wanted to get a PS3 there was a line for a week. Unfortunately I still have a job and a life so camping out for a PS3 was just not an option. I cannot wait for an iPhone though. So I called the Cingular store and asked about how this was possible. I was told that AT&T had decided that no store could have a waiting list because in the past employees have hidden hardware to give to customers that they wanted to give them to or maybe just friends. This is a travesty. Well, I would say get your name on a list so that you don't miss out on the best phone ever made, but I guess all I can say is get in line.