Saturday, June 9, 2007

iPhone Manual Posted on the Internet

This supposed manual may in fact exist and be real and accurate, but nothing that has been mentioned has changed my mind about getting one. The iPhone will work great, and will have the features that I want. People argue that it should have MS messaging and outlook on it. What! Why would anyone want an apple product that uses Microsoft software. If you want to use mail on the phone, then get an Apple. They have their own email program that works great.

The fact remains that the phone will not have everything that everyone wants (no phone ever will). Get over it. With that said, this will be the best working and most innovative phone ever made and that is enough for me and then some. There are going to be people that like the phone and people that hate the phone. For instance, the RAZR is supposed to be great, but my wife had one and it broke constantly and we had to sell it because it bothered her so much with turning itself off all of the time. All of the phones that I have ever had have been very buggy and have lots of features that I did not like. One of the best phones that I have ever had was the T-Mobile MDA. It had most everything I wanted, but the interface was terrible. It was hard to work with and it was clunky and crashed all of the time (Windows!!).

Well I have ranted and raved, but lets put the specs listed below for people to reference.

- No one-touch dialing (two touches at a minimum)
- Vibrate mode is included
- Voice dialing is not mentioned as a feature, though it's not specifically excluded either
- Users can have a voice conversation whilst browsing the web "when WiFi access is available"
- iPhone users will not be able to conduct IM conversations with instant messaging users
- Emailing videos and pictures are a go, MMS is not supported
- MEdia Mail won't be used for ringtone and answertone downloads
- MEdia Net, MobiTV, and Cellular Video are (unsurprisingly) not available for the iPhone
- iTunes will sync iPhone with the Address Book on Macs or Outlook/Outlook Expess on PCs
- No GPS or TeleNav support, sorry Google hopefuls