Sunday, June 10, 2007

AT&T gets ready for crowds for iPhone

This is amazing news to me. AT&T is reported to actually be hiring people for crowd control. Wow! This is 100% their fault for not having the wait lists like they had promised. I assure you though that this is not a mistake.

AT&T is doing this for a reason. They know that this will increase the hype around the iPhone just as well as Apple does. People don't seem to notice that this is how it is done these days. If you don't produce enough of the product for the demand, then people will go crazy over it and this creates more of a buzz. When a video game system does not sell out within the first week of it being released, then people wonder if it is really worth it. I can't believe this is happening with a cell phone, but I am part of the problem.

I want the phone so bad that I will likely camp out for one. Pathetic even. Oh well, got to have the Apple. Good luck getting yours.