Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hats Off To iPhone Software Developers

I have often been harsh on the people out there making third party software for the iPhone because the programs are not perfect, but they deserve much more credit than that. The developers out there have been working so hard to bring us software that Apple has not provided us and Apple continues to block it out. It is a shame, but soon they will be able to make the software without Apple interfering.

I would just like to take a moment and say thank you to those that have been hard at work making these third party software applications for the iPhone. They have been great a lot of times and have actually been good enough to have Apple copy them. There are two things in particular that Apple has copied with this latest update.

Google Maps have copied Navizon with their pseudo GPS. The work that Navizon did to develop that software gave Google and Apple the idea to add that feature to Google Maps on the iPhone. It is rough to see the efforts of third party software developers being copied with the knowledge that the copy is actually the one that will win. Just because Google Maps is native on the iPhone Navizon will not have a chance. I would like to congratulate Navizon for their efforts though as they obviously have made the iPhone better.

Customization of the iPhone home screen is now possible with the new update 1.1.3 and it works a lot like the others that were out there. All of the jailbreaks that I got allowed me to download a program that would allow me to move icons on the iPhone home screen and that is exactly what Apple decided to copy. They can be moved around and then you can add pages to put more icons. This is essential if you have more icons to put on there with the third party apps. Thank you to those that developed the original software that allowed multiple pages on the iPhone home screen and the smooth way of seeing the other pages. Apple copied this almost exactly, but that should be the best type of flattery.

Thank you to those out there working hard to make third party software for the iPhone as it has made the iPhone better in every way.