Friday, September 21, 2007

Apple iPhone Bluetooth Music

Have you ever wanted to listen to your music wirelessly with bluetooth headphones on your iPhone. Well, now it looks like you can do this. The iPhone was not originally intended to have this function, but you can trick the iPhone into having this function if you work on it. All you have to do is sync the bluetooth headset to the iPhon for calls and then go into voicemail and select the audio options while listening to music. This will trick the iPhone into thinking that you are on a call or listening to a message and then the music will come through the headphones.

This is a neat trick that I learned, but it seems a bit childish all of the things that Apple is making unavailable to the end users. I hope that Apple changes this so that it works natively in the future. If the iPhone is going to cost as much as the most expensive phones out there, then it should have something as simple as stereo bluetooth capabilities. Apple, Apple, Apple...