Monday, August 27, 2007

Don't Get Ripped Off with Voice Dialing

AT&T offers a voice dialing service that is available for a monthly fee. This is not a good business proposition in my opinion. You have to ay extra every month to have something that the phone should have had on it anyway.

It makes me mad that Apple did not include this feature on the iPhone, but there is no way that I am going to pay for that. I will wait until Apple either comes out with a software update that makes this happen, a third party app that makes this work, or just wait until the next phone. It really isn't that important anyway in my opinion. Maybe if this feature is something that is really important to you, then you should fork over the five dollars a month, but remember that it does not work off of the contacts on your phone. The contacts have to be stored on a network somewhere else and you have to import them to that system. This will make it a more frustrating experience since you will have to make sure that anyone you add gets added to the database out there.

So this post was a rant, but I guess I felt that it was necessary. I really hate the idea of cellular companies finding more ways to get money out of people when they are providing things that should be free features with the hardware.

I am done for today, thanks for reading.