Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Can you get the iPhone on June 29th?

This is the question that I am sure you are asking yourself. I know that this has been the question on my mind lately. I want the iPhone so bad that it hurts, so here are some tips and insights as to the launch day:

1. The iPhone will be on sale at Apple Stores and over 1800 true AT+T or Cingular Stores.
2. The iPhone goes on sale at 6pm on June 29th
3. There are not going to be enough for everyone that wants one (if you hadn't figured that out already)
4. AT+T will close its doors and get ready for the launch at around 4-4:30pm on June 29th so you will have to leave the store to get in line.
5. AT+T stores will be open late to accomodate all of the iPhone customers (a few people believe that this indicates a good supply of iPhones, but others say it is because of how long it takes to get a new phone at Cingular)
6. Some people have mentioned camping out over night while others simply plan to get there at 5pm or 6pm to see if they can get one (the true quesiton is how many people will be waiting, at what time, and how many phones are available)
7. Tons of accessories will be available at launch
8. Both Apple and AT+T have claimed that everyone who wants an iPhoneon launch day should be able to get one by the end of July. What does this really mean is hard to say, but there it is anyway.
9. Steve Jobs himself says that you should go to an AT+T store to get the iPhone as they wil be more prepared, but others say that the Apple stores are always more prepared for a crowd
10. Make sure to wear your sunscreen and drinks lots and lots of water (well, that is what my Mom always said, so why not)

Check back to morrow for more insights and news about the iPhone and its launch.